Winter 2022 Season Pass

Current Week: 13           Event ends in 248 days
 What's a Season Pass?

Introducing the 2022 Winter Season Pass Event!

Introducing the Reward Schedule

Play Progression Football, earn achievements, and collect rewards. Every 1000 XP earns you a level up and rewards are collected at scheduled intervals in leveling up your Season Pass. Some awards are temporary such as animated overall bars (and will return to normal after the Season Pass concludes). Others are permanent rare items or cosmetic changes that you can use to spice up your PFL experience. Rewards include:
  • Random Cards
  • Card Packs
  • Promo City cards to let you relocate your team to a Winter-themed city of your choice.
  • Promo Logo cards to let you redesign your team to a Winter-themed logo of your choice.
  • Draft Challenge Tokens to participate in seasonal inter-user competitions to see who is best at team building.
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum username plaque on the site to show off your Season Pass level to others.
  • Dark Mode early access. Season Pass users will get a first look at the upcoming free "Dark Mode" theme coming optionally to site users.
  • Additional daily and weekly achievement slots to climb the Season Pass levels faster.
  • Additional feature votes to have a bigger impact on the userbase's decision on what feature to add to PFL.
NOTE: All rewards are cosmetic only! No reward will give any in-game advantages! Thanks for supporting the site with your purchase!

My Daily Achievements

Gain Season Pass XP by completing daily tasks. XP unlocks unique seasonal and permanent rewards. At level 0, three dailies are available for you. Unlock more at higher levels.

My Weekly Achievements

Gain Season Pass XP by completing harder weekly tasks. Weeklies are harder to achieve than dailies but provide greater XP rewards. Three weeklies are available that each come in 3-part stages. Completing the first is required to unlock the second and then third stage of each weekly. Unlock more weeklies at higher levels.

My One-Time Achievements

Do you have what it takes to unlock these achievements? One-time Achievements represent often difficult challenges that will provide the greatest boost of XP if completed. Some easier starter achievements are included as an introduction to the system.

Introducing the Feature Vote Bracket

Take part in the festive Holiday season by participating in a voting bracket to decide which feature the community wants to add to Progression Football next. Vote weekly and guide your favorite choice to the final.

Season Pass Dates

  • Week 1 (December 23 - January 2) - new Draft Challenge starts
  • Week 2 (January 2 - January 9)
  • Week 3 (January 9 - January 16) - Feature Voting begins!
  • Week 4 (January 16 - January 23) - new Draft Challenge starts
  • Week 5 (January 23 - January 30)
  • Week 6 (January 30 - February 6)
  • Week 7 (February 6 - February 13) - new Draft Challenge starts
  • Week 8 (February 13 - February 20)
  • Week 9 (February 20 - February 27)
  • Week 10 (February 27 - March 6) - new Draft Challenge starts
  • Week 11 (March 6 - March 13)
  • Week 12 (March 13 - March 20) - Feature Voting ends
  • Event Ends March 27

More questions?

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Reward Schedule

Earned    Level Required    Reward Example
Level 1 Random Card
Level 4 Draft Challenge Token
Level 5 Random Card
Level 6 One Additional Weekly Feature Vote
Level 7 Card Pack
Level 8 Draft Challenge Token
Level 9 Random Card
Level 10 Animated OVR Bar Effect (temporary)
Level 12 Draft Challenge Token
Level 13 Random Card
Level 15 Card Pack
Level 16 Draft Challenge Token
Level 17 Random Card
Level 19 One Additional Daily Achievement
Level 20 Promo City Card - Lansing
Level 21 Random Card
Level 22 Promo Team Card - Tigers
Level 23 Card Pack
Level 24 Draft Challenge Token
Level 25 Random Card
Level 26 Bronze Username (temporary)
Level 27 One Additional Weekly Feature Vote
Level 28 Draft Challenge Token
Level 29 Random Card
Level 30 Dark Mode Early Access
Level 31 Card Pack
Level 32 One Additional Weekly Achievement
Level 33 Random Rare Card
Level 35 Random Card
Level 37 Random Rare Card
Level 39 Card Pack
Level 40 Promo Team Card - Ducks
Level 41 Random Card
Level 44 Random Card
Level 45 Random Card
Level 46 One Additional Weekly Feature Vote
Level 47 Card Pack
Level 49 Random Card
Level 50 Winter Season Pass Online Status Indicator Icon
Level 52 Silver Username (temporary)
Level 53 Random Card
Level 55 Card Pack
Level 57 Random Card
Level 59 One Additional Daily Achievement
Level 60 Promo City Card - Boston
Level 61 Random Card
Level 63 Card Pack
Level 65 Random Card
Level 66 Promo City Card - Grand Rapids
Level 67 One Additional Weekly Feature Vote
Level 69 Random Card
Level 70 Promo City Card - Milwaukee
Level 71 Card Pack
Level 73 Random Card
Level 76 One Additional Weekly Achievement
Level 77 Random Card
Level 78 Gold Username (temporary)
Level 79 Card Pack
Level 80 Promo Team Card - Huskies
Level 81 Random Card
Level 85 Random Card
Level 87 Card Pack
Level 88 Promo City Card - Portland
Level 89 Random Card
Level 90 Random Card
Level 93 Promo City Card - Anchorage
Level 95 Card Pack
Level 97 Random Card
Level 98 Platinum Username (temporary)
Level 100 Promo Team Card - Yetis