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Release Notes

October 5, 2022

    This update is a big one! It will take at least 45 minutes.
    There are a LOT of changes in this update, so please report any bugs in our Discord!
  • New: Attributes Update!
    • Player Attributes are now in 2 categories: Physical and Skills
    • Physical: Strength, Speed, Agility, Jumping, Stamina, Mental
    • Skills: Break Tackles, Carrying, Run Blocking, Pass Blocking, Catching, Run Defense, Pass Rushing, Pass Coverage, Throwing Power, Throwing Accuracy, Kicking Power, Kicking Accuracy
    • All players have their OVR calculated with a new algorithm so existing players will likely have slightly different OVR after this update
  • New: Scouting Update!
    • Added 250+ College Teams - all undrafted rookies now have a College. Each College has a Region you can deploy Scouts to
    • Added 12 unique Scouts to each league that each team can choose to hire using Team Points and deploy to college Regions to scout undrafted rookies
    • NOTE: Old scouting system is totally gone. Team Points spent on old scouting have been refunded if the league is in a week before the draft.
    • Special "Media" scout provides 50% accurate scouting reports to all teams for free
    • Scouting Reports are delivered by Scouts that you hire each week, to review undrafted rookies with more accuracy and detail than the media
    • Scouts have a Confidence % which means that % of reports they generate are accurate and true. The rest may be inaccurate!
    • Undrafted player Culture is unavailable from Media scouting reports. Need to deploy a hired scout to determine Culture.
    • Consistency is no longer avialable before player's OVR is revealed, but may be hinted at in Scouting Reports
    • Combine Results appear Week 25 with results from 8 scouting combine events for all undrafted players! These give a clue to a player's Physical attributes
    • Mock Drafts are updated every 4 weeks until the draft! Based on Media scouting reports
    • Updated draft logic to be more realistic
    • Added Sim Scouting option to Team Options - Automatically adjust Scouting assignments to regions
    • NOTE: More Scouting report Summary text is planned for future updates
  • Updated default realistic rosters for new leagues
  • Leagues are starting to get big in terms of data storage! Due to this, creating new leagues now requires email verification
  • Fixed a bug for showing correct number of coach offers during Staff Hiring Week
  • Fixed a bug where the Hall of Fame was sometimes empty unless you changed the season dropdown (hotfixed 10/1/22)
  • Fixed a bug with the salary bar changing when signing rookies
  • Fixed a bug with Draft Limits not working in a Fantasy Draft
  • Special Thanks to Soluna for his time helping with this update, especially College-related topics!

September 12, 2022

  • Re-Sign Players - default dropdown is now "Decide Later" so you can Submit Contracts only for a subset of players listed and return later

September 6, 2022

  • New: Defensive Playbooks! Blitzing!
    • All teams now have a Defensive Playbook which determines how often to blitz
    • Blitzing is high risk, high reward: it grants the defense a higher chance for a big play (sack, INT), but it could also mean a big play for the offense if they are able to react!
    • Added Halftime Adjustments for Blitz Rate
    • Reduced rate of INT TDs (pick-6)
  • Balance changes to prevent coaches from getting too OP
    • All leagues maximum culture impact changed to +3 if they were previously over +3
    • All coaches culture impact changed: +5 or more -> +3...... +3 or +4 -> +2...... +1 or +2 -> +1
    • New leagues default culture impact is now +1 instead of +3
    • Negative culture impact is now always only -1
    • At the end of the season, caches must now get at least 10 wins to go from +1 to +2 CUL boost, and 12 wins to go from +2 to +3 CUL boost
    • At the end of the season, coaches must now get at least 8 wins to maintain +2 CUL boost, and at least 10 wins to maintain +3 CUL boost
  • 1st Edition Beta card packs are no longer available for sale! Regular Beta card packs are still available. More cards, and trading cards between players are planned for the future!
  • Bug fix: Addressed issue with CPU teams making multiple offers to Free Agents in the same week
  • Bug fix: Changing Salary Cap Penalty would make league uncompetitive when Keep Competitive was enabled
  • Added Sim Staffing option to Team Options
  • Addressed a bug with Trade Block offering a trade for the same player offered

September 3, 2022

  • Loading animation is no longer present after arriving on a on new page. This should make the whole site "feel" faster.
  • Fixed a bug related to coach boosts applying to players

September 2, 2022

  • Position Update!
    • New: Some players now have more generic positions to allow for more roster/depth chart flexibility: T, G, DE, OLB, S
    • New: Minimum depth chart requirement for DT is now 2 instead of 3
    • NOTE: Depth chart still has specific positions because it matters for each play/formation
    • NOTE: Each player can still only hold one depth chart slot at a time
  • Improvement/Bug Fix: Coach hiring is now always decided in order of Standings for that season (worst first)
  • Number of other team offers to each coach is now shown during Coach Hiring
  • Improved table sorting during Coach Hiring
  • HB injury chance now quadruples for any rush over 25 rushes in a game for that player
  • Improvements/bugfixes to help prevent players getting traded multiple times (concurrent week advancement issues)
  • Improvements to help CPU teams retain talent depth at positions like WR, DT, MLB, and CB
  • Improvements to make defense more effective: increased sack and TFL frequency, which should also fix currently-too-high offensive production stats
  • Improvements to make creating a new league slightly faster
  • Improvements to Schedule Graphic at the top of Team views - added WC, DIV, CC to show new playoff names, made all week column heights equal, added opponent in PFL Champ game
  • Bug fix: All sacks are now also counted as tackles for loss
  • Changed playoff round names to Wild Card, Divisional, and Conference Championship
  • Fixed a bug when trying to view future regular season weeks on the schedule
  • LABOR DAY SALE: 1st edition Beta card packs are on sale for only 100 coins instead of 150 coins (33% off!)
  • NOTE: 1st edition Beta card packs will stop being for sale (forever) in the next update (Date will not be announced). Regular Beta card packs will continue to be for sale

August 25, 2022

  • Bug fix: Fantasy Draft players would sometimes have incorrect Draft Boost (was a conflict with the July 25 update)

August 24, 2022

  • Bug fix: Fixed 500 error happening sometimes on Team History view (Hotfixed 8/13)
  • Bug fix/Improvement: Players are now only considered for Yearly Awards if they played at least 12 games that season
  • Bug fix: Back button on Chrome mobile devices no longer results in infinite loading screen (thanks Amhaja)
  • Bug fix: Sometimes players in a Fantasy Draft would unexpectedly change their attributes after being drafted (thanks holybobgod)
  • Improvement: Height and weight no longer limit maximums for certain player attributes. (Note that all players still have a hidden OVR MAX)
  • Improvement: Improved chances for WR, HB, TE, and Defensive players to win yearly awards instead of nearly always QBs
  • Improvement: Scouting levels - Scouting Window for OVRs updated to make lower levels less useless. OVR windows are now (Lv0 - Lv7) : ±12, ±10, ±9, ±7, ±6, ±5, ±4, ±3

August 11, 2022

  • Improvement: Modified game sim stat distribution - On "long" plays, LBs should get less stats and DBs should get more. This includes INTs
  • Improvement: Added dropdown to Awards and Hall of Fame views

August 10, 2022

  • New: Added All-Pro awards!
  • New: Added Hall of Fame, All-Pro, and Yearly Awards links in the sidebar
  • Bug fix: When Sim Roster is enabled, all Sim Depth Chart settings are automatically enabled to allow the CPU to properly manage the roster (thanks TheOneCheetah). Rearranged Sim Options on Team Options view
  • Improvement: Season dropdowns now show the most recent seasons at the top

August 9, 2022

  • Bug fix: Some leagues were incorrectly getting set as Uncompetitive. Fixed the bug and reviewed and corrected all existing leagues Competitive status

August 7, 2022

  • New: Added Season Display Preference to User Profile settings - each user can now choose between Season Number and Year
  • Improvement: Admin can now change Draft Clock settings at any time, even in the middle of a draft
  • Improvement: Weeks 1 - 17 are now always viewable to view future season games, even if the league is not at Week 17 yet
  • Improvement: Clicking "Pick Player" button during a draft now defaults to ALL positions

August 6, 2022

  • Bug fix: League Admin changing a player's position for a player not on their team should have been registered as Uncompetitive
  • Improvement: Generated rookies will have slightly lower attributes (there were too many crazy good rookies getting generated)
  • New: Hall of Fame!
    • Added Awards to sidebar (shows Hall of Fame and all other awards)
    • Added Award Voting to sidebar (for leagues in season 8+)
    • Added Hall of Fame plaque to player view for HOF players
    • Each league will have its own Hall of Fame
    • Any retired player can be nominated after the season 8 Championship Game
    • CPU will nominate some players with +1 vote automatically
    • Each user can vote for up to 4 different players. Users cannot vote for the same player more than once.
    • The top 4 players with the most votes will be inducted to the Hall of Fame for that season and displayed during week 31
  • New: Retired Jerseys!
    • Added Retired Jerseys section to Team History
    • League admin or team GM can add or delete Retired Jerseys from Team History view
    • Players inducted to the Hall of Fame automatically have their jersey number retired
    • Players who have a jersey number on the team where a Retired Jersey is added will automatically change their number
  • Removed Video Reward Ads due to lack of revenue. (More coin rewards are planned for the future)

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