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Release Notes

May 8, 2022

  • Improvement: Added Roster Limit option to New League creation form
  • Improvement: Roster Limits - New leagues default to roster limit of 60
  • Improvement: Roster Limits - improved CPU AI to consider roster limits when re-signing players, instead of only cutting players before games
  • Improvement: Position Changes - Consistency penalty amount now depends on current and new positions. Less CON penalty for similar positions (thanks TheOneCheetah)
  • Bug fix: User profile view - fixed a 500 error if the user was in a league with very many seasons
  • Bug fix: Team History view - fixed a 500 error if the user was in a league with very many seasons. Top Performing Players limited to the most recent 20 seasons
  • Bug fix: Players History and Transactions table - Player jersey numbers were sometimes the wrong color

May 6, 2022

  • New: Roster Limits - Games cannot be played if roster active player count exceeds 70. Players on IR do not count. This number can be customized by the league admin (57 to 100).
  • Improvement: Re-Sign players screen - moved Awards to the leftmost column
  • Improvement: Added Player of the Game stat line to Game Summary
  • Improvement: Slightly changed the number of rookies generated in rookie draft classes - more OL, less TE (thanks NervousBirds)
  • Bug fix: Draft Board jersey numbers were sometimes the wrong color (thanks Sherriffhammond)
  • Bug fix: Depth charts were getting reordered after week 30 even if Team Options for Sim Depth Chart Offseason were disabled (thanks Sherriffhammond)
  • Bug fix: Teams list - Become Manager button was visible for non-logged-in users

April 28, 2022

  • Bug fix: Sometimes players would regress more than -7 (thanks Sherriffhammond)
  • Improvement: Free Agent bids - players now additionally consider salary years offered when evaluating offers to accept, instead of just salary

April 21, 2022

  • Bug fix/improvement: Improved draft code logic to help prevent weird issues in multiplayer leagues (Thanks holybobgod)
  • Bug fix: After the January 8th update, players would sometimes get reset to -10 CON if they were previously 0 CON. Can no longer manually set CON to 0. -1 is the best possible for any player. Manually updated any players remaining at CON 0 to CON -1. (Thanks tempo101)

April 12, 2022

  • Improvement: Team Options - Added Average yards per rush and Average yards per pass options to Adjustments
  • Bug fix: Decagon, Half-Century, and Time Traveler achievements were not being awarded for Fantasy Draft leagues

April 11, 2022

  • Bug fix: Team Options - Sim Team Points (extra only) was not working. Now correctly uses extra points week 20
  • Watch Ads: changed to +3 coins, watchable every 15 minutes

April 9, 2022

  • New: Draft Challenge mode!
    • Costs 100 coins to create and draft a new team
    • League is open for 1 week. New Draft Challenge leagues will probably be available in the future
    • Draft Challenge - Draft is 20 rounds! Choose one of the 3 players available each round!
    • A Coach will be available to draft Round 5
    • Take advantage of changing player positions to maximize depth chart talent!
    • Don't forget to consider Team Needs, position depth, Culture, Consistency, and Coach Boosts!
    • Don't forget to update your playbook to take advantage of your best players' strengths in Team Options!
    • Players will not age or get injured, and there are no trades in Draft Challenge mode
    • After the draft, compete against CPU and other user teams to win the most games before losing 5!
    • Earn prizes based on wins!
      • 5 wins = 10 coins
      • 8 wins = 20 coins
      • 11 wins = 30 coins
      • 14 wins = 40 coins
    • Draft Challenge Leaderboard (top 3) will be displayed on the homepage!
    • New teams are not allowed to enter within 2 hours of Draft Challenge league end time
    • Games for existing teams can be played until the Draft challenge league end time
    • Teams that do not finish their Draft Challenge run will not be awarded any prizes, sorry!
  • Bug fix: Trade Block - Accepting a trade would trade the wrong CPU team player to the user (thanks Myth101)
  • Bug fix: Trade History - jersey numbers showed the current team's color, not the team at time of trade

April 3, 2022

  • Bug fix: User teams that had Sim Team Points enabled would incorrectly never upgrade Progression Cap (thanks Myth101)
  • Bug fix: Changing the position of a player with OVR hidden would incorrectly reveal their OVR in the player's History if the OVR changed (thanks Myth101)

March 30, 2022

  • Bug fix: Teams depth charts were incorrectly getting automatically re-ordered between weeks, even when Sim Options were set correctly
  • Bug fix: Users table - Last Updated incorrectly showed "1 second ago" for old users

March 28, 2022

  • New: added Coins History table to user profiles and Payment screens (not publicly visible)
  • Bug fix: All Users table didn't have any pagination controls
  • Bug fix: Coaches could sometimes incorrectly progress beyond the max Coach Culture Impact Maximum set by the league admin if they won a playoff game
  • Improvement: Added clarification on user's own profile about information visibility

March 27, 2022

  • Bug fix: Team Options - Reorder Depth Chart "After injury" was incorrectly reordering all positions, not only the recovered player's position (thanks NervousBirds)

March 22, 2022

  • Bug fix: Games would sometimes get stuck and would not sim, prevent Advancing Week

March 18, 2022

  • Improvement: CPUs will more accurately value their draft picks based on pick number in manual trades involving draft picks only (no players)
  • Improvement: Draft order will be updated based on OVR until week 6, and based on Standings after week 6
  • Improvement: Draft order for new leagues will no longer be random in Season 1 Week 1 (will be based on OVR)
  • Improvement: Added Last Active date to Users table
  • Bug fix: Sometimes the resulting line of scrimmage was wrong after punts ending inside the opponent's 20 yard line that were not returned (thanks cdlyman)
  • Bug fix: Drafts and Fantasy Drafts - If the first overall pick was a User team, they were incorrectly able to make the first pick, unintentionally starting the draft prematurely

March 16, 2022

  • Improvement: CPU vs CPU games will automatically simulate in the background during weeks 2-17 to reduce overall loading times when advancing weeks
  • Improvement: Draft order for next season is now also updated each week
  • Improvement: All generated attributes will have a wider range of possible values to make each player have a chance to be more unique and have more distinct strengths and weaknesses
  • Improvement: Generated rookies will have slightly worse starting CON
  • Bug fix: Generated rookies minimum attribute value is now 40 and shouldn't be negative anymore
  • Improvement: Any season with a playoff win will now automatically count as a Winning Season for that coach
  • Watch Ads: changed to +5 coins, watchable every 30 minutes

March 9, 2022

  • New: Added Reward Video Ads button to the sidebar - watch a video ad and earn 10 coins! (maximum once per hour)

March 8, 2022

  • New: Team Options - Allow configuring defense when opposing 2WR formations: 4-3 (default) or 3-4
  • New: CPUs will automatically change between 4-3 and 3-4 depending on their roster
  • Bug fix: CPU would change positions for players right before trading sometimes
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug with defensive player calculations on run plays

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