Release Notes

October 23, 2021

  • Bug fix: Sometimes player boosts were not getting applied during game sims - completely fixed for all leagues

October 20, 2021

  • New: HBs can now sometimes be eligible receivers (Catching)
  • New: Added option to Team Options to specify % of pass plays where HB should be an eligible receiver instead of a pass blocker
  • New: Fast QBs sometimes scramble instead of being sacked (Speed)
  • New: Passes can be dropped by receivers (Catching), or tipped by defenders (Pass Coverage)
  • New: QBs will sometimes fumble when sacked (Break Tackles) NOTE: I might add Carrying attribute in the future but this is OK for now
  • New: Added icons to play text for Touchdown, Field Goal, Turnovers, and First Downs
  • New: Player Stats and Team Stats updated to include QB scrambles and HB receiving
  • Improvement: Draft Board is now visible during ANY week if Rookie Draft Class view is active (hotfixed 10/13)
  • Improvement: Re-write how play text is generated and saved. NOTE: Some old games/play texts will be slightly wrong
  • Improvement: Game Stats now include number of targets for receivers
  • Improvement: Game Stats now specify rush yards / pass yards / rec yards seperately
  • Bug fix: Sometimes player boosts were not getting applied during game sims (Hotfixed 10/17)

October 5, 2021

  • New: Added Attributes for all players
    • Height, Weight, Strength, Speed, Catching, Break Tackles, Run Defense, Pass Rushing, Pass Coverage, Run Blocking, Pass Blocking, Throwing (Physical), Throwing (Mental), Kicking Power, Kicking Accuracy
    • Raw OVR is now calculated based exclusively on the player's attributes for his position
    • Attributes determine OVR for each player differently depending on the play (run, pass, ST) (Example: on a pass play, a LG's Run Blocking ability is not used)
    • Height and weight - these determine maximum limits for certain attributes (hidden) Example: heavier players can never have very high speed
    • Some existing players OVR will change slightly due to the nature of this change (one-time)
    • Strength and Speed - Primary attributes. some positions require one (strength for linemen), others have flexibility to utilize whichever one is higher (Example: LBs can be Strength or Speed LBs).
    • Primary attributes account for 50% of the calculation for Raw OVR. The other position-specific attributes contribute to the remaining 50% of the calculation. NOTE, primary attributes do not apply to QB, K, or P.
    • Play-specific scenarios will use specific attributes where appropriate - for example on long FGs, Kicking Power will play more of a role in success chance.
    • Changing a player's position: new Raw OVR is determined exclusively by the player's attributes for the new position. Sometimes there may be a Consistency penalty to account for learning a new position. This allows for players who have good attributes for a different position to be able to switch without a random penalty like before. (Example: LOLB to CB may be very successful if Speed and Pass Coverage are high)
    • Added realistic height and weight to Realistic Players for new leagues only; existing leagues will have random height/weight applied
    • Player view for a single player - layout updated (centered name, show height, weight, awards at the top, and add Attributes table)
    • Player view for a single player - added Progression Chance chart (also: chart removed from clickable PC bar in Player tables)
    • Added individual attribtues to be edited in Edit Player mode
  • New: Added "Hard Mode" - League Admin option to Hide All Players OVR
    • If enabled, all player and team OVRs are completely blank! Only scouted OVR guesses for rookies are shown, until OVR is "revealed" (but it's not, with this enabled)
    • If enabled, all messages/history items mentioning OVR are hidden in this mode
    • If enabled, CPU teams will still make decisions based on OVR, but human users won't be able to see OVRs.
    • If enabled, all user teams Sim Roster and Sim Depth Chart options are disabled
    • This is the ONLY option in the game (so far) where the CPU would have an advantage of information over human users
  • Improvement: Large Player and Players History tables are now faster and actually usable
    • Example - View Players - All Teams, All Positions table no longer takes ~55 seconds to load
    • Table data is now rendered server-side
  • New: updated realistic players/rosters (for new leagues only)
  • Improvement: Maximum possible salary (per year) is now $65M
  • Improvement: Added clickable player names to Game Stats view
  • Improvement: Improved CPU AI when evaluating available free agent player talent
  • Bug fix: Sometimes the wrong team would be granted a bye for Playoffs Round 1 if the top 2 teams of the conference had the same record and had played at least 1 game between each other during the season.
    • Playoff seeding algorithm now considers head-to-head results between the two teams as the first tiebreaker, followed by division record, conference record, and net points.
    • NOTE: This condition was so rare, I couldn't test it effectively, but I think it should work :)
  • Bug fix: Salaries bar showed an incorrect value during Re Sign week, until a dropdown was changed
  • Bug fix: CPU AI would sometimes get very deep in salary cap debt in the offseason
  • Removed older year player/roster options for Realistic Players for new leagues

August 16, 2021

  • New: Added Box Score to Game view (only for games simmed after this update)
  • New: Added logic to automatically kneel the ball at the end of games, if appropriate
  • New: Added Behind by and Ahead by (game score points / score differential) to Halftime Adjustment options
  • Improvement: When clicking on Joined leagues, default view is now Dashboard instead of Teams
  • Bug fix: Prevent trade block offers for the same player (bug found by BowlingDude2005)

August 15, 2021

  • New: All new schedules will be created with 17 regular season games instead of 16. Extra game is against an opposite conference team. All offseason week numbers increased +1
  • Improvement: Added a border to Draft Board and moved it above the players/positions dropdowns during the Draft

August 14, 2021

  • Bug fix: During week 17 and 18, Standings were incorrect due to teams having a Round 1 Bye (bug found by cocopunch88)
  • Improvement: Added total number of championship wins to Team History page

August 4, 2021

  • New: Updated Latest Realistic rosters

July 2, 2021

  • Improvement: Week 25 Re-Sign players - after all players have been re-signed, that team automatically is Ready for Week 26 (don't have to manually click Advance Week anymore)
  • Improvement: Added a message on Week 26 Free Agent Bidding to click Advance Week if you don't want to make any offers

June 22, 2021

  • New: Added Team History view showing team records, playoff stats, championship wins, and past season results including coaches and best players that year
  • New: Added Tackles for Loss stat tracking
  • Improvement: Renamed History to League History
  • Improvement: Changed Submit button to Submit Playbook Changes to reduce confusion. Button disabled until a textbox change is made
  • Bug fix: Coach OVR Boost for Punters did not work (hotfixed 6/12)
  • Bug fix: Sometimes leagues failed to advance past week 20 (hotfixed 6/12)

June 6, 2021

  • Improvement: Added buttons at the bottom of all tables for manual data export to CSV or Excel

June 5, 2021

  • Improvement: Added a hover for OVR bars with details explaining OVR and consistency
  • Improvement: Added GM username under team name for Team Info banners
  • Improvement: Increased the webpage width to improve UI
  • Improvement: Improved Messages UI - sortable table, and show player position, OVR, age next to names, added Dashboard button
  • New: Added Unread Messages indicator to top of Dashboard
  • New: Starting now, tracking number of plays, and number of games for ALL players including offensive linemen, for each week/career
  • New: Contract Length and Salary Re-design
    • Longer salaries are now MORE expensive. 1yr is now the cheapest contract option, 4yr is the most expensive
    • To prevent all GMs from exclusively offering 1yr salaries, Player Happiness was added (see below)
    • GMs now have to "find it in the budget" to give players more money (larger contracts) to make them happy to be part of the team
    • Cost algorithm for salary value has been changed to be more dramatic to make salary decisions more difficult
    • Players with multiple awards will now demand slightly more money
    • Added custom Years option (1-4) to Free Agent Bidding
    • Now keeping track of last contract length instead of only number of years remaining
    • Now keeping track of total contract value (contract years x salary)
    • Added "Big Contract" Storyline
    • These changes should make retaining top-tier talent AND keeping them all happy more challenging for GMs
  • New: Player Happiness
    • Added an additional modifier on all players called Happiness (HAP)
    • Can affect a player's OVR from -2 to +2
    • Default Happiness for all new leagues and existing players: None (+0). Only GM decisions impact Happiness
    • Currently based on contract length (longer and more money = happier), and play time
    • Re-signing now affects Happiness:
      • 4 year contract: +2 HAP
      • 3 year contract: +1 HAP
      • 2 year contract: +0 HAP
      • 1 year contract: -1 HAP
    • Players with a decrease in playtime compared to last year results in -1 Happiness
    • Players who were early round draft picks will have higher expectations for play time and may affect their happiness more
    • Added Happiness indicators to Re-Signing salary dropdown options
    • Players who win Awards gain +1 Happiness
    • Free Agents Happiness is +0, but goes to +1 when signed (also includes FA Bidding and rookie contracts)
    • Known Issue, won't fix: Player messages and their "last contract" length might be slightly off for existing leagues until players are re-signed again

May 22, 2021

  • Improvement: Added Created and Approximate Sim Weeks per Day columns to leagues list, and changed date formats to be relative. (Hover for old date format)
  • Improvement: Important/Interesting storylines are now highlighted with a different color (hotfixed 5/21)
  • Improvement: Added more descriptive text for Adjustments
  • Improvement: Added Show OVR option to Edit Player
  • Improvement: Players who retire after suffering a career-ending injury, whose team wins the Championship that season, now receive a Championship award
  • Bug fix: Player view - awards, injuries, and IR icons now stay on the same line
  • Bug fix: Adjustments value was incorrectly limited to 100 (hotfixed 5/21)
  • Bug fix: Edit player - empty fields are no longer required, and are simply ignored

May 21, 2021

  • Bug fix: Pick Player button sometimes did not appear when user was on the clock
  • Bug fix: Sometimes players did not get their OVR revealed after starting 3 games
  • Bug fix: Sometimes the Salaries bar and "Raise" column values were inaccurate during Re-sign players and Sign Rookies views
  • Bug fix: All game sims would crash starting season 128
  • Bug fix: Error sometimes when Draft Bust Storylines were getting created (Hotfixed 5/20)
  • Improvement: List all leagues on home page using paginated tables
  • Improvement: Rookie contracts are now only based on draft pick number, regardless of scouted OVR. Top picks cost more, later picks cost less.
  • Improvement: Increased number of coach offers from 4 to 6. Also slightly changed the calculation for how coaches accept offers.
  • Improvement: Decreased chance for better players players to retire, increased chance for worse players to retire
  • Improvement: Increased chance for older players to regress
  • Improvement: Slightly increased FG make % by making Kicker OVR affect the chance more
  • Improvement: Rookie contract signing week 29 - Player history now says "Signed rookie contract" instead of "Re-signed"
  • Improvement: Slightly decreased the default injury chance
  • Improvement: Made Injury Report menu item always visible, even if injuries have been set to None
  • New: Added Injuries slider for custom injury frequency with 6 options: None, Few, Less, Normal, More, Many
  • New: Added In-Game Adjustments
    • Added options at the bottom of the Team Options view
    • Multiply run play rate or pass play rate for the rest of the game based on stats at halftime
    • Head Coach will send an in-game Message if adjustments are made, explaining what happened

May 11, 2021

  • Bug fix: Playoff Round 2 games always had the wrong Home team
  • Bug fix: Game simulations would crash sometimes if users manually edited OVR of players very low
  • Improvement: More interesting Storylines at the top of the list
  • Improvement: Changed calculations to reduce frequency of defensive players winning yearly awards

May 8, 2021

  • Bug fix: Now enforcing unique league names for new leagues

May 7, 2021

  • Bug fix: Fixed error when typing in non-numeric characters on Advanced Playbook
  • Bug fix: Progression Chance is now updated after manually editing a Player
  • Bug fix: Stats not showing correctly for some Storylines
  • Bug fix: Fixed many leagues that should have been marked Uncompetitive
  • Improvement: More Storylines each week
  • Improvement: Draft Clock improvements
  • Improvement: Added Team dropdown to Edit Player to instantly change a player's team or set to Free Agent (Uncompetitive)

May 4, 2021

  • Bug fix: Player of the Game was incorrectly limited to QB, HB, or K. Now it can be any player with game stats
  • Bug fix: Force Sim Pick button now appears correctly for the league Admin
  • Improvement: Changed some calculations to slightly reduce stats for MLB on defense
  • Improvement: Changed some calculations for Yearly Awards and Player of the Game
  • Improvement: Player Stats and Team Stats are now available for all seasons! (Not only the most recent 2 seasons)
  • Improvement: Players can no longer earn multiple yearly awards in the same year
  • Improvement: Draft Clock is now visible during all drafts, even if there is no timer
  • Improvement: Draft Clock - general improvements... complicated stuff for multiple players, waiting for draft sim, refreshing pages, etc
  • Improvement: Modified Scouting OVR windows to make lower levels more useful:
    • Level 0: ±40
    • Level 1: ±30 and Age
    • Level 2: ±21 (previously: 25) and Culture
    • Level 3: ±15 (previously: 21)
    • Level 4: ±11 (previously: 16)
    • Level 5: ±8 (previously: 11)
    • Level 6: ±6 (previously: 8)
    • Level 7: ±5 and Consistency grade

April 30, 2021

  • Bug fix: Sorting Injury Report by Team mixed up the two Los Angeles teams (hotfixed 4/27)
  • Bug fix: 500 error sometimes when viewing Manual Trades (hotfixed 4/27)
  • New: Added Division Standings to Dashboard
  • New: Added Force Sim Draft Pick button (Admin only; will make league Uncompetitive)
  • New: Added Draft Clock
    • User picks will auto-pick if draft clock expires to prevent inactive players from blocking drafts (especially will keep multiplayer Fantasy Drafts moving)
    • New leagues: default 30 minutes per user pick (CPU picks are still near-instant)
    • Existing leagues: no draft clock unless Admin updates it
    • Added Admin options for Draft Clock, but can't edit the Draft Clock settings during a draft
    • The draft will only auto-pick if the draft clock expires and at least 1 league user is viewing the Schedule during the draft (otherwise, the draft will "pause" until a league user views the Schedule)
  • Improvement: Automatically deleting old Discord channels for leagues that no longer exist

April 22, 2021

  • Improvement: User teams can now trade while over the salary cap
  • Improvement: When players recover from injury, there will be a notification as well as a Message sent to user team managers
  • Improvement: Individual player stats table updated to include Team column

April 21, 2021

  • Improvement: Added more Storylines to the Dashbaord!
    • Last Second FG
    • Last Second TD
    • Overtime Scoring plays
    • 10+ point Comeback
    • High Scoring Game
    • Low Scoring Game
    • Blowout Games
    • Draft Busts
    • Draft Gems
  • Improvement: Added team logos to all scoring plays in All Plays section
  • Bug fix: Gray screen when trying to add or kick members of a league after the searchable dropdown update from April 18th

April 18, 2021

  • Improvement: [League Admin only] Added searchable Users list for Admin view (Users dropdowns for Invite/Kick/Give Admin)
  • Improvement: [League Admin only] Added dropdown options for Player and Coach first and last names. (Sorry, manually typing names is still not an option due to legal concerns)
  • Improvement: Slightly increased frequency and max OVR for elite rookie draft class players (to discourage trading away picks)
  • Improvement: Increased minimum cost for OVR and DEV boost
  • Bug fix: Overtime rules are more accurate (not simply first score wins)
  • Bug fix: Fix Back button stuck on loading screen if browser Back button is clicked

April 14, 2021

  • Improvement: Players history items now show when a player was signed from a bid
  • Improvement: All Players history items now show the exact week instead of "Offseason"
  • Improvement: Added Points to Team Info bar, added words to Team Needs and upgrades buttons to help users notice them
  • Improvement: During Fantasy Draft: changed button text from "Advance to Regular Season" to "Start Draft" because it was confusing
  • Improvement: Manual Trades - added Players dropdown
  • Bug fix: CPU controlled teams would incorrectly immediately sign free agents if a user-controlled team Cut a player during Free Agent Bidding week
  • Bug fix: Sign button was incorrectly available for free agents before Week 27
  • Bug fix: Playoff Round 1 games would sometimes be incorrect if division winners had unusually bad records. Now more consistent
  • Bug fix: CPUs and users were incorrectly allowed to Evaluate Players after drafting and before signing rookies
  • Bug fix: Sim Extra Team Points wasn't running before progression happened. Now it does
  • Bug fix: Draft Boards - Min Round dropdown now supports Fantasy Draft (more than 7 rounds)
  • Bug fix: Manual Trades - completed Manual Trades correctly show players even if they moved to other teams (viewing existing completed trades won't update, sorry)

April 13, 2021

  • Improvement: Upgraded the website server to support more concurrent users!
  • Improvement: Removed "Our Players" button for speed improvement
  • Improvement: Made home page / Leagues list load faster
  • Bug fix: Upgrades screen dropdown was too wide on Firefox

April 10, 2021

  • New: RyanMoody21 made a video about Progression Football!
  • Improvement: Database/code improvements to support many concurrent users all at once! Specifically, multiple league creations at once. (Sorry for all the 500 errors)
  • Improvement: For new league creations: hide leagues that did not get fully created successfully
  • Improvement: Added instructions for Free Agent Bidding view

April 6, 2021

  • New: Added option to Randomize Name (rename) coaches
  • Improvement: Added a tip for simming drafts
  • Bug fix: 500 error when looking at old drafts where players have since retired
  • Bug fix: Renaming a player incorrectly removed him from Depth Chart

April 3, 2021

  • Progression Football reaches 3 years of game development! (Started April 2018)
  • New: Coaches - major update!
    • Coaches can now be fired and offered/hired to different teams, and retire after their Seasons Remaining reaches 0
    • Coaches bring their own Culture, Culture Impact, and Coach Boosts to the team they coach. This means Team cultures can change!
    • Coaches keep their Coach Boosts (OVR and Dev boosts) with them, as well as their culture.
    • Culture Impact progresses/regresses based on coach performance. Winning seasons increase +1, losing seasons -1
    • Admins can set Min and Max Culture Impact for coaches in their league, as well as default starting values (all the same, or random)
    • Changed Coach Boost cost algorithm. Cost now based on coach seasons remaining, position of the boost, and current coach culture impact
    • Coach Firing, Hiring, and Summary weeks inserted into schedule (Weeks 22, 23, 24)
    • Added positional Coach Boost details and Coach History table to individual Coach view
    • Added generated names to all coaches
  • Improvement: Website session lifetime (auto-logout) increased from 2 hours to 48 hours
  • Improvement: Removed OVR_MIN and OVR_MAX from Scouting. Only the Guess is visible now
  • Improvement: Changed Scouting Window for each Scouting level. Maximum scouting now has a window of 5 OVR instead of 3 OVR.
  • Improvement: Added earned Awards to Players/Coaches History tables, and Stats views
  • Improvement: Added optional checkbox to Show Results before clicking Play Game
  • Improvement: New leagues are Private by default
  • Bug fix: Draft order was not based on rank since March 14 update (hotfixed 3/18)
  • Bug fix: Editing players to OVR above 99 caused Server Error (hotfixed 3/19)
  • Bug fix: Server error trying to submit playbook with blank/empty boxes (hotfixed 3/27)
  • Bug fix: Server error trying to check Standings before any games played
  • Bug fix: Team logos incorrectly set to ??? when quitting Managing a team
  • Bug fix: Prevent infinite loading icon when there are Javascript table errors

March 17, 2021

  • Bug fix: Stuck loading on week 22

March 14, 2021

  • Improvement: Game Results are shown by default unless Play Game is clicked
  • Improvement: Overall performance improvements to underlying code - trying to make pages load faster, hopefully it's noticeable
  • Bug fix: Server error when trying to view fantasy draft in Schedule view while not logged in

March 6, 2021

  • New: Culture icon for the team and matching players will have color (instead of black) if the Culture card is owned by the Manager
  • Improvement: Free Agents will have their OVR revealed automatically after week 20, if they have 2 or more years pro
  • Improvement: Added highlight effects to Schedule/Current Week links during Season 1 Week 1 to help guide new users
  • Bug fix: Issues with Discord integration not working right - should auto-correct itself after this update
  • Bug fix: Sometimes yearly awards would get awarded twice
  • Bug fix: Some links not showing loading animation
  • Bug fix: Culture Icon achievements incorrectly earned without having the card

March 5, 2021

  • New: Added new Team Customization section to the League Admin view
    • League Admin can use their own cards to set location or team logo of any team in the league
    • League Admin can change abbreviations for any team in the league
    • League Admin can change any of these settings at any time via the Admin view
  • New: Location cards can be used to change the location of a team you manage using Team Options view
  • New: Team cards can be used to change the logo of a team you manage using Team Options view
  • NOTE: Non-admins can only change their managed team's location or logo during week 1 or 27
  • NOTE: Duplicate team locations are allowed, but the Admin has the ability to change them
  • NOTE: Duplicate team names (logos) are not allowed. This is to preserve league fidelity
  • NOTE: Team locations and logos will revert to their defaults if a manager quits managing that team
  • Bug Fix: Edit Player form would sometimes cause a server error. Added some input validation

March 2, 2021

  • Improvement: Changed "Disciplined" culture to "Strategic" (matches the culture icon more anyway)
  • Bug Fix: Players sometimes appeared on two depth charts after trading them
  • Bug Fix: Minor Team Points bug after yesterday's update

March 1, 2021

  • Improvement: Salaries views for Teams has been renamed to Salary Cap Space
  • Improvement: Week Auto-Advance for multiplayer leagues will continue through week 19 instead of stopping after week 16
  • Bug fix: Sometimes players not on the team showed up in the depth chart dropdowns
  • Bug fix: Team records incorrectly always showed up as (0-0) in Game view
  • Bug fix: New league form incorrectly allowed blank names
  • Bug fix: Server error when editing players

  • Added Achievements!
    • Achievements can only be earned in competitive leagues
    • Added Achievement Library to see all the available achievements
    • Most achievements are not retroactive
  • Added the Store!
    • Coins can be purchased using a variety of payment methods
    • Card packs and Ad-Free Days can be purchased using coins
    • Added email verification (required before coin purchases)
    • Added logic to hide ads if Ad-Free days were purchased
    • All coin purchases will fund the development and server costs of Progression Football! Thank you!
  • Added Cards and Card Packs!
    • One Set initially available: Beta Set!
    • Two card packs initially available:
      • 150 coins - Beta Card Pack (1st Edition)
      • 100 coins - Beta Card Pack
    • 1st Edition card packs will only be sold for a limited time (exact time has not been determined yet)
    • Beta Set card packs will only be sold for a limited time (exact time has not been determined yet)
    • Each card pack includes 7 cards, with a guarantee of 1 Rare card!
    • Card rarities include Common, Uncommon, and Rare
  • Added Customization Options!
    • There are two new Locations and two new Team logos available hidden in the Beta Card Packs!
    • Customization options are available in the Team Options view after collecting the new cards
    • Only new logos and locations can be used to customize a team. No duplicates in the same league, and no switching to a default team location or logo
  • Updated User View
    • Added tabs for Achievements, Leagues, and Cards for all to see!
    • Added option to update email to support email verification

February 8, 2021

  • Improvement: CPUs will now sometimes change a player's position instead of signing a free agent to fill depth chart needs
  • Improvement: CPUs will no longer put injured players on the trade block
  • Improvement: Added logic for CPUs to try to retain high-talent players more often instead of cutting them
  • Improvement: Added awards column to Retired Players view Week 21
  • Improvement: Added logic to show player's historical position in Player History table (not retroactive; new events only)
  • Improvement: When changing a player's position, the Player History event will show ovr_raw was changed "from position change", not the user (not retroactive; new events only)

February 4, 2021

  • Improvement: Improved hover effects around some table links

January 30, 2021

  • New: Retired players who have no stats and were never on a team will be permanently deleted to reduce database size
  • New: Added delete league button to leagues list, if user is admin
  • Improvement: Retired players will now show the team they played the most games with (player and stats views)
  • Bug fix: Server error when trying to modify league settings
  • Bug fix: Non-league users no longer cause the Last Played date to get updated during the draft

January 29, 2021

  • New: Added more Team Options for more control/customization over Sim options
  • Improvement: Quitting managing a team, and then managing a different team, will now mark the league as Uncompetitive
  • Bug fix: Protect against server errors when a league is not found
  • Bug fix: League award winners had the wrong OVR bar color if they also retired that year

January 28, 2021

  • Improvement: Added Pick Player button to the top of the Draft screen
  • Bug fix: Loading animation stuck when trying to change a player's position

January 26, 2021

  • New: All players now have a Max Raw OVR. This value is completely hidden and never changes. Some players will just stop progressing once their Max Raw OVR is reached.
    GMs will have to make the call if a player has reached their maximum potential and the team should move on, or keep trying to progress him.
    Truly great players are now going to be special! Also, it prevents GMs from being able to exclusively decide which players will succeed.
    NOTE: Draft, coach, and culture boosts are always applied, and are not affected by this new value (Max Raw OVR only affects Raw OVR)
    (Thanks to ubwr for the idea)
  • New: Added reminders in Upgrade and Progression Chance modals about the new Max Raw OVR mechanic
  • New: Scouting level upgrade now costs 1000 points
  • New: Progression cap upgrade now costs 1000 points
  • New: Added "Latest Realistic players" option when creating a new league
  • New: Added quantity option for Scouting and Progression Cap upgrades
  • New: Added new schedule graphic on Schedule screen
  • Improvement: CPUs now value player age more, incoming draft pick offers less, and outgoing draft picks more during manual trades
  • Improvement: CPUs now use better playbooks
  • Improvement: Changed logic for how CPUs spend team points
  • Improvement: Added Scouting Level and Progression Cap to Teams list
  • Improvement: Re-wrote/optimized lots of code to make the whole game a little faster
  • Improvement: Moved Users links to the bottom of the left sidebar
  • Improvement: Removed Re-Sign events from Dashboard Transactions table
  • Improvement: Made some minor changes to rushing play simulations to make them more realistic
  • Bug fix/Improvement: Depth charts will never reorder any position if Sim Depth Chart is disabled (previously would re-order individual positions after injuries and signings)
    EXCEPTION: During Fantasy Draft
  • Bug fix: Team Needs sometimes accidentally revealed OVR of players with hidden OVR
  • Bug fix: Loading spinner was hidden when clicking Upgrade Team buttons
  • Bug fix: CPU teams would put all injured players on the trade block because they were not on the depth chart
  • Bug fix: Clicking position name in Player History table now brings you to that team's roster, not the whole league
  • ...Also: Wrote code for some new features that will be in an upcoming release!

December 20, 2020

  • Bug fix: Changed Player Actions dropdown to a button and modal to fix a bug with some Actions not showing up
  • Improvement: Team Points are now only awarded for regular season games (through week 16), not playoffs
  • Improvement: Removed "Previously Cut" free agent signing restrictions (salary cap penalties should serve this purpose)

December 19, 2020

  • Bug fix: Dev Boost and OVR Boost costs were sometimes not getting charged correctly
  • Bug fix: Players traded mid-season would have multiple entries in Player Stats
  • Improvement: Player and Team Stats - Kicking - default table sort is now best Made%

December 14, 2020

  • New: Most of the website (all leagues, and including Dashboard) are now publicly viewable without logging in
  • Improvement: Moved current league status away from top bar and into the left sidebar
  • Improvement: Changed some button colors to match user team color
  • Bug fix: Rookie OVR was displaying the wrong value in Team Needs modal before OVR was revealed

December 12, 2020

  • New: Added Career Ending Injuries
  • New: Added buttons to auto re-order depth chart for individual positions
  • New: Allow admins to manually edit a player's culture (uncompetitive action)
  • Bug fix: Fixed Retired players view: defaults to view single position, default sort by OVR
  • Bug fix: Forced manual trades were sometimes not counting as uncompetitive league edits
  • Improvement: Players who recover from an injury will have that team's depth chart automatically re-ordered for that position only
  • Improvement: Fixed default column sort directions for Standings page
  • Improvement: Limit Roster view to most recent 100 player history events (faster page loads)
  • Improvement: More consistent (larger) team logos inside all tables
  • Improvement: All new injuries will expire after week 21 to allow better team building in the offseason
  • Improvement: League admin edits that make leagues uncompetitive can now be clicked and viewed from the Leagues list
  • Improvement: Database changes for how forced admin changes (uncompetitive edits) are tracked

December 10, 2020

  • New: Updated Dragons, Roadrunners, Vipers, Wildcats, Sheriffs, Miners, Hornets, Demons, Stallions logos/colors
  • Bug fixed: After a fantasy draft, user-managed teams had an empty playbook causing game sims to fail
  • Bug fixed: All time Player and Team stats were not properly being updated since 11/30/2020
  • Bug fixed: Yearly awards were sometimes not being created after the Championship game
  • Bug fixed: Fantasy Draft would always start automatically when viewing Schedule for the first time
  • Bug fixed: Draft - Revealed OVR was sometimes out of range of the scouted OVR range
  • Bug fixed: Team Stats - Conference logos would sometimes not load
  • Improvement: Updated all team logos to be SVG files instead of PNGs - all team logos are HD and crisp instead of blurry
  • Improvement: Draft/Fantasy Draft - CPUs will sometimes draft Best Player Available instead of their roster need
  • Improvement: Draft/Fantasy Draft - CPUs will draft more important positions sooner than others
  • Improvement: CPU teams will update their playbook every week (based on their roster)
  • Improvement: Leagues List - will show "Fantasy Draft" instead of "Season 0, Week 0"
  • Improvement: Fantasy Draft - Increased chance for CPUs to draft players that match their team's culture
  • Improvement: Fantasy Draft - When browsing players to pick, only show the top 50 (faster page loads)

November 22, 2020

  • Increased chance for CPUs to draft rookies that match their team's culture
  • Add Rookies view to Players

November 19, 2020

  • Changed default sort ordering on tables to make some "Descending" on first click

November 14, 2020

  • Fixed a bug when trying to add a Discord username to a profile
  • Modify database to allow more than 255 plays in a single game
  • Discord bot messages now include team emojis

November 12, 2020

  • Added hover glow effects to most clickable elements
  • Added Discord icon to leagues that have a Discord channel in Leagues list

November 6, 2020

  • New team upgrade option: Evaluate Player - cost 750 points to reveal OVR of a player on your team with hidden OVR
  • (You can still reveal a player's OVR for free if they play in 3 games)
  • Added logic for CPUs to Evaluate Players sometimes
  • Added logic for CPUs to value players with hidden OVR slightly higher when re-ordering their depth chart
  • Fixed a bug with pop-ups flickering sometimes

November 2, 2020

  • Added LIVE "Watch Game" feature - after clicking "Play Game", all game results are hidden - click Watch Game at the bottom to see the game play before your eyes!
  • Watch Game - Allow for changing speed between plays during the game, without reloading the page
  • Fixed bug - sometimes scouted OVR Guess was outside the scouting level range
  • Fixed bug - scouting OVR range was not always correct for the scouting level
  • Game - All Plays now shows score at end of quarters and halftime
  • At the end of a season, only 20% of undrafted rookies (random) become free agents
  • Added Force Trade option for Admins only (this makes a league uncompetitive)
  • Optimized repeated database queries - should be a little faster now
  • Standardized views a little more
  • Moved league status to a column on the left for Leagues lists
  • Deleting cap penalty history from the database for old seasons - this was slowing things down
  • Dashboard - Added trades and IR events to Transactions
  • Fixed bug - now users can only Advance Week from Schedule or Game views
  • Optimized some functions to only update if there is a change - trying to increase speed

October 1, 2020

  • Added "Min round" option to draft board - The player will not get drafted before this round.
  • Fixed a bug where OVR bars were not changing to the team's color on the Draft Board for players already drafted
  • Added Watch Game feature

September 30, 2020

  • Added Draft Limits - This will limit how many players to automatically draft from the draft board at a certain position.
  • Fixed a bug when clicking up or down arrows on Draft Board players
  • Fixed a bug where the offense would not kick a FG on the last play of the game if the game was tied

September 29, 2020

  • CPU teams no longer randomly cut opposite culture players to force Free Agents during week 22. This was necessary before salaries were implemented but not anymore.
  • Draft Boost no longer grants any OVR boost. Instead, a boost to Progression is granted with the same expiration rules (only while the player is on the team that drafted them).
  • The 20% salary reduction for previously drafted players has been reduced to 10%. Freshly drafted rookies still get a one-time 20% reduction, but only for their rookie contract.
  • Increased probability of CPU teams increasing Scouting and Progression Cap instead of Coach Boosts
  • CPU teams now do a better job using up all their team points every season instead of sometimes wasting some
  • Scouting Upgrade is now statically set to 2000 points. The cost does not change throughout the season. This idea may be returned in the future.

September 26, 2020

  • Fixed a bug where if a kicker got injured on an extra point play, it would cause that game to get stuck and unable to sim
  • Reduced the OVR penalty for switching a player to a similar position
  • Renamed "QBR" to "RTG" because we are actually using Passer Rating, not Quarterback Rating

August 16, 2020

  • Added Injuries
    • Each game, all players who played in the game have a tiny % chance to become injured
    • NOTE: For simplicity, players' injury status will only be applied after the game is over.
    • Injuries prevent players from being included in the Depth Chart
    • Players can be added to Injured Reserve (IR). They are ineligible to play until the next season, but their salary does not count against their team's Cap.
    • Added CPU teams logic to deal with injuries and IR
    • Added Injury Report view to sidebar
    • Added Injuries On/Off to New League form and Admin view
  • Fixed a bug where players on the roster but not currently on the depth chart would not show up in the dropdowns

August 13, 2020

  • Progression Updates
    • Added small graph in player tables for Progression Chance (PC)
    • PC graphs are clickable to show details about progression for that player, and what factors are influencing his developmenet
    • Standardized Team Upgrades screen, added Upgrade Help button
    • Removed previous Team "Dev" upgrade
    • Added Progression Cap upgrade - resets every season. Limits how much players can progress that season.
    • Added Coach Dev Boost section (per position) to Team Upgrades screen - permanent impact to Dev for that position, up to 5 levels
    • Color-coded OVR boosts as green and Dev boosts as blue across the site
    • Slightly increased CON for newly generated undrafted rookies
    • Updated Coaches view to show OVR boosts and Dev boosts
    • Re-added Player History table underneath Team player tables
  • Scouting Updates
    • Added new scouting variable "OVR SCOUT GUESS", which is a random value from within the scouting window for the current scouting level, and is always unlocked
    • Increased "penalty" for not scouting! Certain information is hidden until Scouting is upgraded:
      • Level 0: OVR range: 45. Age, Consistency, and Culture are hidden
      • Level 1: OVR range: 38. Age is unlocked
      • Level 2: OVR range: 31. Culture is unlocked
      • Level 3: OVR range: 25.
      • Level 4: OVR range: 18.
      • Level 5: OVR range: 11.
      • Level 6: OVR range: 7.
      • Level 7: OVR range: 3. Consistency grade (letter only) is unlocked (pre-draft only)
  • Changed defense play recognition temporary OVR boosts to activate every 12 plays with the same formation and play type (instead of 10)

August 3, 2020

  • Stats now update immediately after games instead of during week advancement

August 1, 2020

  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when trying to edit players
  • Added Quarters to game simulation! Teams will react accordingly at the end of the half.
  • Added coin toss to beginning of game and end of regulation
  • Improved CPU playbook logic

July 31, 2020

  • Fixed a bug with draft board when a user team had multiple picks in the same round
  • Fixed a bug where free agents sometimes had "Add to Draft Board" button showing

July 29, 2020

  • CPUs now consider CON when valuing players
  • Auto Depth Chart now considers CON when ranking players

July 25, 2020

  • Added Defensive Play Recognition
    • During a game, if the offense runs the same formation and play (run or pass) too many times, all defensive players will receive a temporary OVR increase for the remainder of that game.
    • After 10 plays of the same formation and play, the opposing defense gets OVR +1 for the remainder of the game
    • After 20 plays of the same formation and play, the opposing defense gets an additional OVR +2 for the remainder of the game
    • After 30 plays of the same formation and play, the opposing defense gets an additional OVR +3 for the remainder of the game
    • Etc...
    • This should encourage teams to balance their rosters, and diversitize their playbook
    • This is a penalty for one-dimentional teams (who do all run/all pass, or only certain formations)

July 24, 2020

  • Added Draft Board
    • Add undrafted rookies to Draft Board and organize them by rank.
    • During the draft, players will be auto-drafted from the Draft Board, if available.
    • Players can be added to the Draft Board at any time during the season, or during the draft.
    • This should help multiplayer leagues draft faster.

July 18, 2020

  • Added new Players option during new league creation: 2020 Realistic Players

July 17, 2020

  • Playoff Bracket now shows team with first-round bye in Round 2 during Round 1 of the playoffs
  • Playoff Bracket now updates showing the winner advancing after each playoff game

July 15, 2020

  • Added fumbles

July 14, 2020

  • All new contracts will be slightly higher for all players
  • Players received in trades will no longer have reduction in salary ("cap penalties paid by old team")
  • Manual trades with CPU are now more difficult in general
  • Cap penalties increased from 20% to 25% of player salary being traded away
  • Salary discount for longer contracts has been reduced

July 6, 2020

  • Updated playoffs to include three Round 1 games, with only the first seed getting a bye
  • Changed Oakland Vigilantes to Las Vegas Vigilantes (new leagues only)

July 5, 2020

  • Fixed a bug where CPU teams would never sign free agents that would upgrade their team
  • Fixed a bug during new league creation where rookie draft class would get created twice
  • Fixed a bug during new league creation where the rookie draft class players were getting converted to free agents before season 1
  • Rookie draft class is now created after the fantasy draft for new fantasy draft leagues
  • Fixed a bug where Coach Boost would not get updated after changing a player's position
  • Added Playoff Bracket to Dashboard and Schedule (weeks 17-20)

July 1, 2020

  • Fixed a bug where awards would sometimes be awarded twice
  • Cap penalties incurred after week 20 will now apply to the next season. This lines up the timeline with salary years being reduced
  • Added team logos to awards
  • Added sortable column for player awards
  • Fixed a bug where previously cut free agents could be signed on the individual player view

June 29, 2020

  • Traded players will now retain their existing contract length
  • Traded players will have their salary reduced by 20%, since the original team is paying for that 20% via cap penalties
  • Fixed a bug related to salaries getting increased too much over time
  • Fixed a bug where free agent salaries were incorrect before signing
  • Fixed a bug where games would sometimes simulate twice

June 28, 2020

  • Added multi-year contracts!
    • Added multi-year contracts (up to 4 years). Longer contracts offer smaller yearly salary cap cost
    • Free Agents and traded players will have a 1 year contract
    • Re-signing to longer contracts will happen in the offseason only
    • Added Salary Years Remaining to player table views
    • Salary Years gets reduced by 1 after the PFL Championship Game
    • All players with Salary Years = 0 at week 22 will need to be either re-signed or cut
    • Cap penalties will be applied to any traded or cut player
    • New leagues will have pseudo-random salary/contract years assigned to all players
    • Added a warning to Cut and Trade views warning about cap penalties
  • Added Awards icons to players in Re-Sign players view
  • Added Discord message when starting a new season
  • All players' Consistency is hidden until OVR is revealed (after playing in 3 games). This will make drafting more difficult.
  • Updated player OVR bars style - black outline, new question mark icon
  • Players with hidden OVR will have their OVR bar color faded
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrectly blocking manual trades after week 23
  • CPUs now value user team draft picks slightly less, and their own team's draft picks slightly more
  • CPUs now consider team rank in Standings when trading draft picks
  • Undrafted rookies are now converted to free agents with hidden OVRs (after week 27). This will make free agent talent more difficult to evaluate.
  • Fixed a bug in the offseason where free agents would accept offers from teams who previously cut them
  • Added clickable text for Salaries, which will pop up a modal with Salary Cap Penalties information
  • Fixed a bug where CPU teams would cut players on their depth chart before players with no depth chart rank
  • Added a warning to Edit Player form regarding impact to the league's Competitive label
  • Minor UI improvements to landing page, welcome screen, header, and footer

June 18, 2020

  • Trading is now only allowed during weeks 1-8 and in the offseason after Free Agent Signing (Week 26)
  • Updated Detroit Prowlers logo
  • Added Awards icons to players in Retired Players tables
  • Fixed Retired Players view

June 16, 2020

  • More Discord integration and automation!
    • Only "friendly" Discord Usernames are required - example: Aurabolt#2791
    • Automatic creation of League channels in Progression Football Discord server when users set their Discord usernames
    • Added clickable Discord icon link in left sidebar - opens Discord League channel
    • Note: Some users may have to re-add their Discord usernames to their Progression Football profiles after this update

June 9, 2020

  • Discord Integration
    • Added Discord Channel ID to League Admin options
    • Added Discord User ID to User Edit options
    • Added basic Discord message automation messages to the channel - Week Advanced, Draft - On the Clock, Draft - Admin needs to start
    • Request a Discord Channel from @Aurabolt in the Discord server to get a League channel created for your league!
    • Users can update their own profile to add Discord User ID to get mentioned by the bot in their league channel
  • Week will advance automatically if the schedule is loaded when all user games have already been played - to move leagues along without so much admin clicking

June 6, 2020

  • Added player OVR bars to re-signing and rookie signing views
  • Fixed bug with team salary calculations during re-signing and rookie signing
  • Fixed bug with player salary calculations (Championship Winners were not demanding higher salaries as expected)
  • Fixed bug with sorting table by OVR on re-sign and rookie signing views
  • Changed week 27 "Advance Week" button to display "Advance Season"
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when trying to create a new Fantasy Draft league

June 2, 2020

  • Add Season Stats to Player view

May 31, 2020

  • Code optimizations - hopefully makes everything a little faster
  • Fixed a play history display bug showing "and goal" at incorrect times
  • Fixed some bugs related to Yearly Awards logic

May 30, 2020

  • Added individual Championship Winner awards to all players on the winning team
  • Added Championship Winner and Yearly Awards winners to week 21 view, above retired players table. Week 21 renamed to "League News"
  • Add trophy icon next to names of players with awards (hover to view at a glance)
  • Sidebar color highlighting to match user team color
  • Team records display default to (0-0) instead of (-)
  • Added Coaches view with some boosts data
  • Slow down Consistency upgrades by 2.5x current rate (too many players with very good CON without much time/effort)
  • Players who have won a Championship have a higher chance to retire after winning the big game (that year only)
  • Players who have won a Championship or Yearly Award will demand a 20% higher salary for the remainder of their career
  • Reduced the range that players can progress or regress (maximum is now +7 / -7 per season)

April 26, 2020

  • Added Change Position feature
    • Changing a player's position will cause a one-time, permanent change to the player's OVR.
    • The change will be impacted by how different the player's current position is from the new position.
  • Added Yearly Awards to Season Summary (week 27)
    • League MVP
    • Rookie of the Year
    • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Added awards to individual Player views
  • Added QB Rating (QBR) to Game stats and Awards (QBR will be added to Player Stats and Team Stats screens soon)
  • Trades are now allowed to be executed even if teams are over the salary cap
  • More awards can be added in the future
  • Prevented exploit - user teams trading players with very high salaries to CPU teams, destroying the CPU team salary cap

April 7, 2020

  • Added Randomize Name button to Edit Player form

April 5, 2020

  • Added User Profiles
    • Currently user profiles are basic, but more info/stats/achievements will be added in future updates
    • Added optional Discord username field for each user
  • Database and code changes made to support user profiles and new Discord field
  • All usernames are now clickable to view that user's profile
  • Added Users, current user, All Users, and League Users sections to the sidebar
  • Added ability for users to change their own username and Discord
  • Moved Dashboard and Messages into League section of sidebar
  • Username lengths and league name lengths are now limited
  • Usernames must now be unique

March 25, 2020

  • Fixed a bug when hovering over Scouting

March 23, 2020

  • Added Draft Picks to Manual Trades
  • Database and code changes made to support future drafts, so picks can be traded
  • Updated Manual Trade UI to support draft picks
  • Scouting Upgrade cost for weeks 10+ reduced from 3000 to 2500 points
  • Remove unused "cost" column from Player History tables
  • Fixed a bug related to depth chart requriements for CPU teams when the Play Game was clicked
  • Fixed a bug preventing Admins from kicking a user from a public league (@fan)

February 28, 2020

  • Added team color styling to certain elements
  • Fixed a bug with Stop Sim button being disabled
  • Fixed a bug preventing horizontal scrolling on smaller screens
  • Application maintenance updates

February 24, 2020

  • Free Agents will now have their salaries reset to default calculated values after the FA Bidding is over.
    This will be the only instance where a player's salary could be reduced during his career.
    This is to fix free agents who no longer meet the market value for their previously high salary (usually after regressing and being cut), OR to increase a player's salary if they progressed as a Free Agent.
  • All players under 50 raw OVR will automatically retire at the end of the season
  • Added Team Schedule to Dashboard

February 22, 2020

  • Made a minor change to manual trade logic to make player age slightly less of a factor
  • Fixed exploit: User teams were able to overpay for Free Agents during FA bidding, then Manual Trade all those players to CPU teams for huge gains, and destroy the CPU teams' salary cap. Trade Block and Manual Trades are now restricted only to teams who are under the salary cap.
  • Added Team Needs button to all teams
  • Added Team Info banners to all roster and depth chart views
  • New Team Needs and Upgrades button icons
  • Fixed a bug when owning a team, old CPU trade block trades persisted

February 21, 2020

  • Added Manual Trades
    • Works with User Team to CPU Team, or User Team to User Team
    • User Team to CPU Team trade offers include CPU Interest gauge
    • Supports single or multiple players per trade offer
    • Can create multiple manual trade offers, but only edit one at a time, until offered
    • Currently players only, but adding draft picks to manual trades may be added in the future!
  • Fixed multiple bugs causing player salaries to be too high
    • One issue was related to initial rookie salary calculation (based on scouted OVR), but players don't take pay cuts - resulted in inflated salaries across the league over time
    • Fixed a bug with very high salaries being offered during Free Agent Bidding
    • CPUs will now bid on Free Agents based on each team's perceived value of the player, not based on the salary the player is requesting
    • For existing leagues: team salaries should become less inflated over time
    • For new leagues: team salaries should stay more reasonable, like in season 1 week 1
  • Added "Stop Sim" button, but only when advancing more than 1 week at a time
  • Fixed a bug with rookies getting their OVR revealed too early (before playing 3 games)
  • Fixed a bug with players sometimes gaining double XP from games (used to automatically improve CON)
  • New leagues will apply draft boost to all rookies on teams
  • Allow editing draft boost when manually editing players as Admin

February 11, 2020

  • Drafted players now receive 20% salary reduction instead of 50%
  • Default Progression Chance slightly reduced
  • Optimized Advance Season tasks

February 9, 2020

  • Major Bug Fix: Uncontrollable Advance Weeks
    • Thanks to user feedback! Identified a major bug that was sometimes updating teams Sim Until values in other leagues
    • ALL league teams have been fixed with a one-time reset for Sim Until values (set to the current week)
  • New Feature: Teams Ready
    • Added Teams Ready information and button near Advance Week button
  • Bug fixed: CPU teams sometimes doing strange things when trying to get under the salary cap
    • Re-wrote a large piece of CPU roster management logic
    • This task was extremely complicated and took longer than I expected
    • Needed to account for all the salary/roster situations a CPU might get into (roster requirements, salary cap, cutting players intelligently and not randomly)
    • Should result in more stability and consistency regarding how long CPUs take to resolve salary cap issues
  • Bug fixed: Start Draft button is now present and works again
  • Bug fixed: Sometimes it was possible that CPU-controlled teams drafted multiple times per round
  • Added a check and error message for user teams who are over the salary cap, who do not have Sim Roster on

January 31, 2020

  • New Feature: Draft Boosts
    • Any player who is on the same team that drafted him now receives a +2 OVR Draft Boost for the duration of their tenure with that team
    • Any player who is on the same team that drafted him now receives a 50% reduction in salary for the duration of their tenure with that team
    • All existing players in all leagues have been updated to apply Draft Boost and salary reduction where appropriate
    • If a player with Draft Boost is cut or traded, his Draft Boost will disappear forever, and his salary will return to normal value
    • Draft Impact has been added as an option to new League creation (options are 0 to +5)
    • This is to encourage teams to invest in Scouting, raise the value of draft picks, help control the Salary Cap, and consider the Draft a serious factor to their team's long-term future
  • For multiplayer leagues: League Admins can now Advance Week if there are no other pending actions from user teams (like Depth Chart requirements, Draft Actions, etc).
  • Optimized League Creation and Advance Season tasks to make them faster
  • Added User Teams column to Leagues tables, to more easily see multiplayer leagues
  • Add Depth Chart Rank column to roster views
  • Added Culture indicators to Free Agent Bidding screen
  • Removed "Actions" text from players table dropdowns
  • Automatically filtering Free Agents by position of most need by default (this is to increase speed when clicking on Free Agents link)
  • Updated League History screen and added more stats

January 26, 2020

  • Fixed some bugs causing errors when viewing the schedule of a league the user is not a member of
  • Added Competitive column to leagues tables to identify leagues where players have been manually edited by League Admins (this count ignores player name changes)

January 25, 2020

  • Changed how Development (DEV) affects Progression Chance (PC) and made Progression Chance attribute now visible to users.
    • The results of buying DEV upgrades can now be seen via the DEV and PC values increasing on each player
    • DEV upgrades now give diminishing returns over the course of a season, based on each player's DEV value when an upgrade is purchased
    • PC no longer gets reduced from playing in games, but still resets to 0 at the beginning of each season
    • PC shows the overall chance for positive progression, but values for the degree of progression, chance for regression, and chance of staying the same are still hidden
    • DEV upgrades now become more expensive later in the season
    • Added PC to Progressed and Regressed log entries in Players History
  • Upgraded Dashboard
    • Automatically redirecting users to Dashbaord after simulating games
    • Added Previous Game with result, and Next Game
  • Rookies will now demand the salary of the OVR they were scouted at
  • Added "Raise" column to Re-Sign players to show how much the salary is changing
  • Players will no longer take pay cuts in their career. This makes free agent bidding more risky, and Salary Cap more relevant to team management
  • CPU teams will now sometimes add starters to the Trade Block
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bug - rookies with hidden OVR could have their OVR approximated based on the salary demanded at signing. Rookies will now demand the salary of the OVR they were scouted at
    • Fixed bug - Rookie OVRs could be approximated revealed by looking at the pregame ratings chart
    • Fixed notification messages in bottom left that sometimes stacked on top of each other
    • Fixed links when clicking on Storylines
    • Fixed a bug with salary values (requested and accepted) when viewing previous seasons Free Agent Summary
    • Fixed a bug where a player's salary would get reset back to a default (lower) value after being signed during Free Agent bidding the previous season

January 18, 2020

  • Added ability to browse all other leagues
  • Added ability to sort Leagues tables
  • Fixed another bug that could reveal the hidden OVR of a just-drafted rookie (ubwr)
  • Fixed a sorting bug for Leagues tables
  • Added a note explaining that Coach Boosts max out at +5 per position

January 17, 2020

  • Trade Block: When putting a player on the trade block, more offers are shown
  • Trade Block: Improved trade logic involving CPU teams (offers to human players, and CPU-CPU trades)
  • Trade Block: Disallowing putting players with hidden OVR from going on the trade block
  • Fix error message about depth chart requirements (ubwr)
  • Fix to All-Time Player Stats view to show a player's name italicized if he is retired (ubwr)
  • Fix to Player Stats view - default to All Weeks when viewing Season stats (ubwr)
  • Fix to Player Stats view - clicking a team name now brings you to their roster
  • Fix to Stats view: Sort defensive stats by tackles by default
  • Coach Boosts: Updated costs, most notably significantly decreasing the cost for offensive linemen positions
  • Fix Message for scouting upgrades arriving a week late (ubwr)
  • Fix bug: Team Points were not being awarded for playoff games (ubwr)
  • Fix bug: Prevent accidentally viewing weeks in the future (ubwr)
  • Fix bug: actual OVR accidentally being shown during draft, instead of scouted OVR (ubwr)
  • Fix bug: CPU teams not re-ordering their depth charts after rookie OVR are revealed (ubwr)
  • Fix bug: Players signed in Free Agency would incorrectly take pay cuts (default contract value) next time they were signed or re-signed (ubwr)
  • Show "contract negotiations complete" after Re-Signing and Rookie Signings

January 12, 2020

  • Fixed a bug with scouting upgrade messages sometimes being delivered a week late (ubwr)
  • Limit 2 leagues per user (may change after BETA)
  • Automatically deleting leagues not played in 20 days (may change after BETA)

January 11, 2020

  • To optimize the database, speed up Stats pages, and and reduce storage space: moved all-time player stats to a new database table, automatically deleting game stats/plays older than last season
  • Automatically deleting Messages and Storylines older than last season

January 10, 2020

  • Made game summary alert notifications clickable (w3stw00d)
  • Moved alert notifications to the bottom left instead of across the top (achum5)
  • Fixed a bug with Trade Block offers not getting displayed for user managed teams (youngkingabdul)
  • Fixed a bug with Advanced Playbook not submitting data correctly (ubwr)

January 9, 2020

  • Added Kick User option for League Admins
  • Added more explanation about Trade Blocks
  • Added consistency to depth chart (weitzilla)
  • Add more league info to Home screen

January 6, 2020

  • Initial release

April 2018

  • Project started