Release Notes

February 5, 2023

  • New calculations for all awards (thanks Soluna!)
  • New: Added Offensive Player of the Year, Offensive Rookie of the Year, Defensive Rookie of the Year awards
  • New: Awards Race view - shows the top 5 candidates for each award throughout the year (in random order)
  • Bug fix: Now hiding Messages referring to incomplete games until they are finished
  • Bug fix: Culture was incorrectly hidden on the Draft Board during Fantasy Draft

January 27, 2023

  • Bug fix: Error when viewing Scouting Reports
  • Bug fix: Fixed edge case bug with human vs. human teams needing to be Ready
  • Bug fix: Season Pass "Punt 3 or less times" achievement didn't award for exactly 3 punts
  • Bug fix: Level 59 reward for Additional Daily Vote was bugged but is now fixed. Users can re-claim this reward.

January 26, 2023

  • New: Added "Require Users Ready" option to Leagues. If "No", human vs. human games can be played immediately without both teams being Ready
  • Bug fix: Auto Advance Week after User Games Played was incorrectly ONLY working for the league admin
  • Bug fix: Lined up User status icons next to team names
  • Bug fix: Fixed modal width on depth chart Change Position modal
  • Bug fix: Sometimes players would be duplicated from page 1 to page 2 in a Players table
  • Improvement: Prevented Official League from getting automatically deleted
  • Improvement: Added clickable link to Players from Depth Chart screen
  • Improvement: Added CSV download button for ALL Players tables
  • Improvement: In the downloaded players CSV, added clickable link to the player as a last column

January 20, 2023

  • Bug fix: Offensive linemen were progressing Consistency too slowly, so their CON improvement speed was increased
  • Bug fix: "OT" Overtime was being shown on games even if Show Results was unchecked
  • Bug fix: Auto Advance Week after User Games Played wasn't working. (Now it works, although it might need a page refresh to advance)
  • Improvement: Players will now select a jersey number from the "old" jersey number pool more often by default
  • Improvement: Adjustments - Improved input validation
  • Improvement: Added PFL Official League to the homepage

January 17, 2023

  • Bug fix: Download Free Agents / Draft Class as CSV resulted in an error
  • Bug fix: Human vs Human games - fixed Ready to Play button disappearing for scheduled games
  • Bug fix: Improved speed when loading the league Admin menu
  • Bug fix: Fixed a crash when trying to view the Schedule in a Fantasy Draft league before managing a team
  • Bug fix: Players History was sometimes out of chronological order
  • Bug fix: Trade Block trades would sometimes show trades for the same team

January 14, 2023

  • New: Added support for Realtime Games!
    • Admin can optionally choose to schedule any unplayed game to play out in realtime!
    • Game duration options range from approximately 3 hours to 5 minutes
    • Game view will auto-refresh to load new plays as they happen from the server
    • NOTE: Team changes (roster, playbook, strategy, adjustments) have no effect once the game starts
  • New: For Human vs Human games, the game will only be played after both teams have clicked Play Game (First team's button now says "Ready to Play")
  • New: Admin Messages - Admin can send messages to All Teams at once
  • New: Messages - Added Delete All button
  • New: Added league setting "Sim CPU games immediately after Week advances" - default: Yes
  • Improvement: Trading Fantasy Draft draft picks is now available during/before the Fantasy Draft, but not with CPU teams
  • Improvement: Play Game button added to Schedule view
  • Improvement - Messages - Messages from users show up on top of Dashboard (until deleted)
  • Improvement - Competitive - Leagues will remain Competitive if a user quits managing a team, and waits at least 3 seasons before managing another team in that league
  • Improvement: Happiness changes are no longer sent as Messages, but are in Player History
  • Improvement: Schedule and Game view: User icon is displayed for any user team, not just the current user
  • Improvement: Improvements to UI regarding Advance Week button and notifications, including removing Advance Week button from Game view
  • Bug fix: Added protection to help prevent multiple sets of draft picks getting created for the same draft
  • Bug fix: Schedule creation - Teams were being scheduled against the same opponent in consecutive regular season weeks
  • Bug fix: CPU teams removed from Draft Challenge standings, and homepage Draft Challenge champion fixed
  • Bug fix: Removed Scout button for players during the Draft
  • Bug fix: Fixed double culture impact for culture on Draft Board players and extra space near Coach Culture boost icon

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